Data Protection Statement

In the following, Acta Acustica united with Acustica would like to explain to you how the company complies with the current data-protection regulations of the Bundesdaten­schutz­gesetz (BDSG, German Data Protection Act), Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG, Teleservices Data Protection Act), Mediendienstestaatsvertrag (MDStV, International Media Services Treaty), and the Telemediengesetz (TMG, Telemedia Act) in connection with the use of the services offered.


§ 1 Scope of application


The following data-protection regulations apply for, the internet portal of the journal Acta Acustica united with Acustica, a service of S. Hirzel Verlag.


§ 2 Overview of deposited data


The data that we record involve either


(a) personal data that you provide voluntarily when you register in the reserved section of, place an order, complete a survey questionnaire, take part in a game, participate in discussion forums, take part in a competition, or use similar services;

(b) tracking information that are collected in connection with the usage of the services in question.


(a) Personal data

Part of our services can be used free of charge and without users having to register in any way. In the case that you are requested to provide data for specific services that are collected in connection with your name (= personal data), these data are processed, saved, and used to the extent necessary to enable you to access and use the services. These data shall be deleted once you unsubscribe from our service.


(b) Tracking information

As is the case with other internet services, too, we use so-called cookies and other technologies in order to identify you as our customer and to offer you personalized services. We also wish to find out which services are accessed particularly frequently by our customers and how long a time they are used. In the case that you disagree to the use of cookies, you can deactivate them in your browser. Furthermore, we also save the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses in an aggregate form as a measure to retrieve data for the access to our services. Your collected data is not saved in any personalized way.


§ 3 Usage and passing on of deposited data


We generally take the utmost precautions to ensure the security of your data. The following conditions apply regarding the individual kinds of data:


(a) Personal data

In the case that you have entered personal data, these shall only be subsequently used for product-related survey and marketing purposes and/or passed on to third parties when you have given your express consent or, as the case may be, you have not lodged an objection to such a form of use as per the legal regulations. We are entitled to pass on such information only in the following cases:


(i) when we make use of the services of other companies to assist in processing your orders, for example to process orders, to process the payment settlement, to provide customer service, to dispatch goods, or to provide a technical platform for the online issue of the journal or other functions required for the provision of the services;

(ii) in the event that we are obliged by law or by court order to pass on personal data, we shall notify you – wherever permissible – of this immediately.


(b) anonymized/pseudonymized information, tracking information

Anonymized/pseudonymized information as well as tracking information may be used for the following purposes:


(i) to improve our spectrum of services and to measure the traffic and the general usage patterns;

(ii) to notify the authors regarding the use of their articles, for the information of the advertisers regarding the usage habits and characteristics of our customers, etc.;

(iii) for market-research purposes.


§ 4 Advertising in the services of


The adverts in our services are supplied by a specially contracted agent. No information – for example, your name, address, e-mail account, or phone number – is used in connection with the provision of the advertising space. When providing advertising space, however, it may be the case that we ask the agent to use a cookie. Such a cookie is not, however, capable of gathering personal data.


§ 5 Alteration/deletion of personal data


You are entitled to have parts or all of your personal data altered and/or deleted directly from the respective registration site.


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Your trust is a highly important matter for us. We therefore pledge to give you all the information you wish for regarding the processing of your personal data. If you have any questions that this data-protection statement does not answer, or if you wish for any further information in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the member of our staff responsible for electronic media, Gabriele Strobel, at