Aims and Scope

Acta Acustica united with Acustica (Acta Acust united Ac), was published together with the European Acoustics Association (EAA). It was an international, peer-reviewed journal on acoustics. It published original articles on all subjects in the field of acoustics, such as

• General Linear Acoustics, • Nonlinear Acoustics, Macrosonics, • Aeroacoustics, • Atmospheric Sound, • Underwater Sound, • Ultrasonics, • Physical Acoustics, • Structural Acoustics, • Noise Control, • Active Control, • Environmental Noise, • Building Acoustics, • Room Acoustics, • Acoustic Materials and Metamaterials, • Audio Signal Processing and Transducers, • Computational and Numerical Acoustics, • Hearing, Audiology and Psychoacoustics, • Speech,
• Musical Acoustics, • Virtual Acoustics, • Auditory Quality of Systems, • Animal Bioacoustics, • History of Acoustics.

The journal reported on original scientific research in acoustics and on engineering applications. The journal considered scientific papers, technical and applied papers, book reviews, short communications, doctoral thesis abstracts, etc. In irregular intervals also special issues and review articles were published.

Publication of the traditional journal has been stopped by end of 2019, with Vol 105, Issue 6

EAA has launched a new Journal on Acoustics called “Acta Acustica” by January 2020.

Information and modalities about submission of manuscripts to that new journal can be found on the website of EAA
Please address potential further comments/questions concerning submission of manuscripts to the new journal “Acta Acustica” to